Access Statement

Cwmcroiddur – Clear Water Barn and Cottage – Access Statement

Preamble: Cwmcroiddur is a country property that used to be a farm (until the early 1980s). The buildings, which are of stone construction range from 400 to 170 years old. The layout of the properties and access routes are therefore challenging for people with some types of disability.

  • Approach to Cwmcroiddur

This is over a 1km gravel track, easily negotiated by a normal (not 4×4) car at low speed. There are drainage gullies at the sides of the track, so care must be taken to drive slowly.

  • Parking

There is parking (in the parking area) for up to eight vehicles. There is also ample room for turning vehicles around. The main parking area is approximately 20m from the entrance to both properties, on a surface of stone chippings. It is possible to bring a vehicle within 5m of each building for unloading and loading. We do not allow parking in this position as it would obstruct access by emergency vehicles.

  • Access to the buildings

The access to Clear Water Barn includes the following:

Stone step – 70mm / 3”
Stone step – 100mm / 4”
Stone step – 140mm / 5.5”
Stone step – 85mm / 3.5”
Door step – 90mm / 3.5”
The front door is 840mm / 33” wide

The access to Clear Water Cottage includes the following:

Stone step – 130mm / 5”
Stone step – 140mm / 5.5”
Stone step – 150mm / 6”
Stone step – 200mm / 8”
Door step – 70mm / 3”
The front door is 840mm / 33” wide

  • Paths and gardens

Cwmcroiddur is built on a sloping site, and, although there are flat areas, some of the lawned areas have gentle slopes. Access to the timber balcony area of Clear Water Barn involves two steps of approx 220mm / 9”.

  • Interiors

As the properties were converted from the original agricultural buildings thirty years ago, before DDA regulations were devised, access by wheelchair users and people with some other disabilities would be challenging. It is our intention to improve the situation regarding disabled access when funds allow. There are no grab handles installed.

The layouts are as follows:

Clear Water Barn

Ground Floor:
Kitchen, Dining Area, Twin Bedroom, Single Bedroom
The Lounge is in a ‘sunken’ area of the ground floor, down three steps.
First Floor: Double Bedroom, Bathroom (toilet at 400mm/16” height).
Stairs: 9 steps at 190mm/7.5” in a straight run then 3 steps at 190mm/7.5” that between them turn the staircase through 90 degrees to the right.

Clear Water Cottage

Ground Floor: Lounge, Kitchen, Bathroom (toilet at 400mm/16” height).
First Floor: Double Bedroom, Twin Bedroom
Stairs: 7 steps at 200mm/8” in a straight run to a small landing then 4 steps at 200mm/8” in a straight run.

The doorways in both buildings are all ‘standard’ i.e. 760mm / 30” or thereabouts.
Door handles are generally between 860mm / 33” and 960mm / 38” above floor level.

  • Switches and sockets

Switches are generally at 1300mm / 51” and 1400mm / 55” above floor level. Sockets are generally lower than current ‘Part M’ recommendations of 450-1200mm, being generally 350mm / 14” above floor level.

  • Alarms

There are mains and battery smoke alarms in Clear Water Cottage. In Clear Water Barn, all of the alarms are battery powered. Batteries are replaced at the beginning of each year and the alarms are tested before each letting.

  • Transport

There is no bus service available locally. Taxis are available from Llandovery and Llangadog and can be booked by phone.

  • Dogs

We accept one well-behaved dog with guests in Clear Water Barn. We are happy to welcome a guide or other assistance dog with guests in Clear Water Cottage.

  • Communications

Neither property has a phone. Mobile reception can be patchy. But most networks have some signal. We are happy for guests to use the house phone for urgent calls. We provide a list of telephone numbers that maybe useful generally, and in an emergency.